Monday, October 3

Costco Overload

K: So, H and I are in Choir this year, and so far so not good.  It's been quite bogus, not enjoyable, and just plain tedious.  That being said, Hedi and I decided to just have good attitudes towards the class, have fun, and make the most of a terrible time.  So with all that, we officially wanted to go to the city and hit Costco up, big time!  H's mom agreed to take us, so it was an early morning on Saturday.  We did some running around in the city first, shopping of course! After that, our time was devoted to Costco.

H: This year my mom said I could buy food for my locker so I wouldn't be hungry. But as you know I have a friend K, she likes to eat my food.


H: Anyways, I was running out fast! Plus with all the food we eat in choir we were in need of some assistance.. Costco. It was quite... (five minutes later) sorry I got distacted there. It was quite an experience, running all over Costco and carrying mass amounts of food.

All in total we got a box of fishy crackers, a tub of animal crackers, a box of mini ritz crackers, and... JUICE BOXES!!!!

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